C/O Alex Fleming, 18 Dove Trees, Carterton, Oxford, OX18 1AN. Telephone:01993 842649
Do I have your contact details? 
If you have not already done so can you please give me your address, phone number and email so that I and the committee can contact you when necessary.
To help with the associations finances donations for the home game raffles would be appreciated.
Rink fees are to be shared between the competitors
In Pairs, Triples and Fours, notwithstanding any names shown in the draw, the competitors taking part in their initial round in that competition constitute the original team. Only one (and the same) additional competitor of the same Club may be used as a substitute for any other competitor in the team at any other time afterwards provided the substitute has not already played in that competition for another team and providing they are eligible competitors. A substitute or the substituted competitor can therefore play in more than one round and plays as a substitute for the team rather than for an individual competitor & may also play in any position. When the result of a match is reported to the County Competition Secretary, ALL COMPETITORS (WINNERS & LOSERS), MUST BE NAMED. Please abide by the requirements of this last sentence, thank you
The initial draw will be random and will determine which competitors are “challengers” and which competitors are “challenged” in their initial round. The competitors whose names appear above those of their opponents in the initial round will be the “challengers”. In subsequent rounds, “challengers” shall be determined in the following order:#
  1. Competitors who have won matches playing “away” from their “home” rinks
  2. Competitors whose previous round result is reported earliest (preferably by e-mail please to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone to 01608-730127 (leave a voice message))
If the "challenger" has not made contact 2 weeks prior to the play by date, then the "challenged” should then contact the "challenger". Best attempts must be made to play the match. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, all Semi-Finals & Finals must be played.
Competitors who have drawn “byes” into a subsequent Round will be either “challengers” or “challenged” dependent upon firstly, if their opponents won their match “away” from their “home” rink and secondly, their position above or below their opponents in the initial draw. All matches should, whenever possible, be played to a proper conclusion. Concessions or more specifically, “walkovers” will be given no precedence in determining the “challenger” in a subsequent round.
Singles will be decided on the first to 21 shots, Pairs & Fours over 21 ends (with an extra end if necessary) & Triples over 18 ends (with an extra end if necessary). Any “Dead” ends during a match shall be replayed
Competitors will be advised of their next round opponents as soon as possible and it is hoped to regularly update the Competitions section of the County Website (www.oxfordshireciba.co.uk). The Final Rounds will be organised by the County Competition Secretary on neutral or mutually acceptable rinks after discussion with the Finalists. Dress Code for the Finals is “Whites”
Any disputes will be resolved by the County Competition Secretary or on appeal by the County Secretary & a 3rd Member of the County Committee or their delegates. Signed & Countersigned Scorecards should be retained and presented on request to the County Competition Secretary
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